We are a group of people from various walks of life that came together in 2011 to together begin to tend for a piece of land in southern Finland in Fagervik, Inkoo.

We do not share ideology, religion, nor even sense of aesthetics – but rest assured we have passions about these. Those passions and other, we are committed to negotiate by our mutual conflict resolving work with circle talks. We do share the idea, that we together carry our responsibility to tend to this land, Solbacka, to live and build our homes and our projects on it sustainably. We have now, in 2021, built several homes, a course center, chicken coops, a sauna, vegetable gardens, a mushroom farm, and much more. This summer, we are adopting two beehives and hope to adpot more in the future. In addition to the seven founding members, we have a growing number of kids and aspiring new members, that we hope to be able to support, in their endeavor to also continue to foster, tend, and build Solbacka.

The Beehive Project

Solbacka Village updates

Avanor at Kian’s birthday party

Posts from the past

Thanks to Heimo Lattner for all the great pictures and videos!