Here, we who live in Solbacka village, post images of our daily life and projects.

We celebrated Kian’s birthday this spring. Actually, we have celebrated many birthday’s this spring on the sunny terrass at Annatina’s and Kian’s. Annatina’s cakes are unbeatable!

The mycelium hotel seems to be going good… it was started last year (2020), with reishi incubations into birch logs. Now we wait for two more years, and then, harvest some super healthy shrooms.

This spring, Alex built a beautiful insect hotel, that is more akin to a palace (April 2021)

Below, some images from earlier years. So many projects under construction! We still build a lot, but at least now, we have roofs over our heads. As do the chicken.

Video from summer 2016

Hello folks! We have returned to our original website. The website formerly titled “experience” no longer exists. Welcome back, “solbacka-fagervik”!

A Solbacka documentary has been in process over the years. Below some early fragments recorded during summer 2013.

Recorded & edited by Heimo Lattner

Recorded & edited by Heimo Lattner

Annatina Franasek and Kian Schmidt become Annatina and Kian Sanai Franasek in Solbacka, Finland, Summer 2012.

The Natural Building Company at work, building my new home! We are using straw bales for construction walls and next week we will plaster clay on the outside.

Welcome to our second barn raising this Friday (tomorrow, 29th of June 2012)! We will build a 100 sqm tent to house our summer workshops and gatherings (Shamanistic gathering next week, see below). Thanks to Simo for lending us this tent! If necessary, we will continue to build the tent over the weekend, but please be aware, that we will stop the work for the duration of the rain that seems to be starting around 4pm on Saturday (if we trust the weather forecasts).

Looking forward to seeing everyone! Welcome!





Solbacka Circle Way Village welcomes you to TALKO (BARN RAISING)

Saturday 6.8 2011, starting 11 AM

We need help with cutting up and piling firewood, laying floor boards, and/or work on hay and clay isolation for the foundation of the house.

Evening: reception ceremony for the outdoor kitchen given to us as a gift by Annette Hessing. Thank you Annette! Food included.

Late evening: more food and dancing!

Solbacka Circle Way Village, Fagerviksvägen 1395, Fagervik, Ingå

For more information, call us, or check:

Facebook: camp Heartpeople – circle way village

Pia Lindman: 044 293 2389

“Welcome to help us build up our new intentional community! We are located in southern Finland in a “secret” valley between forest and a protected nature reserve with crystal clear lakes and exciting rocky high hills. 7 adults and 6 kids share the vision of “keeping the sacred in the centre” and the basic communication tool is the Circle. We are open minded people who love to experiment with natural building(1 professional natural builder), art(3 artists) and body therapies(5 professionals practising massage, tantra, dance, etc…)Main activity right now is building up of our infrastructure, an outdoor kitchen,dry toilet structures,1 old wooden house needs to be fixed to be ready for the winter season. Throughout the summer there is going to be an ongoing campsite with outside living in teepees and yurtas and day to day work with many natural building techniques.The main purpose for us is living with nature and creating beauty around us with every action we take.”